Since 1949 we specialize in the supply of no-food products on all distribution channels: DO, GDO, national chains, supermarkets and traditional shops. Over 20,000 items in assortment and ready for delivery.

Tradition at the service of innovation

Founded in 1949, Viscio Trading is a trading company specialized in the distribution of household goods, garden and beach furniture, Christmas items, textiles, small domestic appliances, gifts and fancy goods. The company distributes items from all over the world due to strong partnerships sealed with the most important Italian and international manufacturers of household goods. Our nearly 70 years experience with the most important vendors in the international market allowed us to develop our own brands: Casa& and Joyteck in order to provide a distinctive offer unlike competitors’. As time goes by, the company stands out for the ability to meet each distribution channel
requirements, from the smallest retailers to hypermarkets. Our strengths are the wide selection of more than 20.000 items allowing us to meet each and every requirement of our customers. Our corporate philosophy is rooted in our passion for clients and partners, employees and co-workers, product research and development. We invest in professional training to improve our skillset, prone to face new challenges, focusing on our management information system. In 2013, the Rome City Hall rewarded our company history and achievements with the “Cavaliere del Commercio” award, a title to address “High Merit for Labour”. Furthermore, in 2018 we received the special CRIBIS Prime Company award, which brings us into the restricted group of 7% of the most reliable and virtuous Italian companies.




Viscio Trading provides with the following services:

•Our sales agents fulfill any kind of consultancy and assistance to our customers, with
follow-up visits on a regular basis. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs, suggesting
the best practice for each and everyone. Our agents gather the orders until they are processed
and filled, providing assistance anytime our customers require.
•Pre and post sales assistance provides information on stock availability, prices and delivery.
•We support our customers’ promotional campaigns, leaflets and flyers.
•Product pictures and relevant quotation are available at any time.
•Order processing via data transmission.
•Invoices and/or shipping notes in pdf format can be sent in advance.
•Web assistance and dedicated customer care
•B2B web application
•Planogram set-up and maintenance for shelves product positioning.
•EDI platform with WTO EDIFACT 96.A (Euritmo, Fillconad) compliance.


Ethics, Integrity, Reliability are the three Viscio Trading founding values.

They represent the essential “modus operandi” of Viscio family entrepreneurship.

We believe in our way to do business, in our products and brands reliability and, above all, in our teamwork.

Our actions have always been guided by the strong willing to be a winning team, because we’re deeply aware that successful teams have two distinctive common traits: the relentless desire to aim at the best and the values that each team member are committed to respect and share.

Shared and respected values inside the team represent the foundation of a common vision.

Enthusiasm and strong determination are the distinctive traits to reach our goals.

We have passion for our work and we believe any piece of work contains the self-portraits of its author: that’s why we want to sign our work with our quality autograph.

Our logistics… We are always on the move

Our distribution center is located in Anagni (FR), not far from Rome. Fully automated 40.000 sqm total area. Our Information System constantly checks the order processing, enabling to fill any shipment within 24/48 hours. Selected carriers grant delivery to our customers.